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Rhiley Binns- Birth Doula supporting births throughout Central Iowa


Hi, my name is Rhiley Binns!  I'm a DONA certified birth doula from Des Moines, attending births across the Central Iowa area and beyond.

My philosophy as a doula is that every birth is indelibly memorable and that every birthing person should feel heard, respected, and deeply cared for.  My goal is to provide you and your birth partner (if applicable) with the evidence-based resources you need to decide on your ideal care and the continual, unbiased support to make your best decisions for your best birth.

Birth is wildly fascinating to me because it is in equal parts a science and an art.  During pregnancy and birth, your body does some of the most challenging, meaningful work it will ever do, but so does your self.  I became a doula because I am passionate about increasing accessibility to informed, evidence-based care and about purposefully supporting people through life’s transformative events.

Prior to becoming a doula, I’ve worked as an informal science educator and a zookeeper.  While these professions might seem vastly different from this one, they’ve honed my ability to meet and work with people where they are at in the midst of a brand new, exciting experience (Whether it’s pregnancy, red pandas, or a planetarium show, I’m your woman.)


I’m an Iowa native and live in Des Moines with my husband, my son, our corgi, and our two cats.  In addition to working as a doula, I enjoy volunteering as a Birth Doula with MercyOne and as a Solar System Ambassador with NASA. In my free time, I love to spend time with family and friends, bike Iowa’s beautiful trails, cook/bake, mix tiki cocktails, and attempt to play the ukulele.  I am beyond excited to meet you!


My mission is ​to honor, empower, and relentlessly support you and your birth partner throughout your birth experience (prenatally, during labor/birth, and immediately postpartum).


Wondering about the benefits of having a doula?



Birth Doula Package: $900

This being said, I believe that everyone who would like a doula present at their birth should be able to have one.

If you are interested in having a doula, but my package cost and/or my traveling distance are a barrier, please contact me and we can work together to try to find a pathway for you to have doula support, whether with me or with a fellow doula.

Your birth doula package includes:

  • An initial no-charge, obligation-free consultation to see if I'm the right doula for you.  During the coronavirus pandemic, I am doing virtual initial consultations via Zoom, Google Hangouts, Discord, or FaceTime.

  • 3 prenatal visits in your home or virtually, depending on your preference.  During these meetings, we'll get to know each other better.  I'll work with you and your birth partner to discuss your hopes and concerns for the birth, orient you with possible options and interventions so you can discover your birth preferences, practice a wide variety of hands-on comfort measures, review preparations for birth/postpartum, and more.

  • Responsive support via phone, text, and email anytime after hire until 6 weeks postpartum.

  • Support at your home in early labor, if desired and appropriate.

  • Continuous labor and birth support in your birthing location.  I will be with you from when you arrive at your birthing location in labor or from onset of active labor during your induction until your baby is born.  There is no time limit and no "shift change".

  • Immediate support for one to two hours postpartum, if desired.  This includes support with feeding your baby in the method that works best for you, as well as getting you and your birth partner cozied up after the experience of birth.

  • 1 postpartum visit in your birthing location or virtually the day after your baby is born, if desired.

  • 1 postpartum visit in your home 1-2 weeks after your baby is born.  I'll check in and see how everyone is doing!  We'll discuss your recovery, feeding your baby, and newborn care, as well as process your birth experience if desired.



If you're interested in setting up a no-cost, obligation-free meeting to see if I'm the right doula for you, fill out and send this inquiry form or contact me at:


Success! Message received. I'll be in contact with you shortly!


(515) 218-2482

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